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Inter-Process Communication - Microservices
Bulkhead pattern - Microservices
Retry pattern
Saga pattern - Microservices
Kubernetes commands
Kubernetes glossary
Availability Tactics
Semantic Versioning
Risk register
How to split a user story
Quality Attributes Tactics
Common Quality Attributes
Project Management Glossary
Estimation Techniques
Agile Software Development
Agile Manifesto Principles
Agile Manifesto
Nonfunctional Requirements
Java Unit Tests Notes
Defensive Programming Practice
Automatic failover
Roadmap Software Development
Story splitting cheat sheet
Stages of team development
SMART tasks principles
INVEST story principles
Pre-commit hook for running checkstyle [GIT]
How combine git commits in one commit
Getter Template with Optional<> for IntelliJ IDEA
Java Keytool
NoSQL Databases Types
Three-phase commit protocol - 3PC
Data normalization
Data denormalization
Load Balancing Algorithms
Two-phase commit protocol - 2PC
Transaction properties - ACID
Eventual consistency
CAP Theorem
S.O.L.I.D principles
Inversion of Control - Pattern